Day Four at Sky – Thursday 10th July

It’s the last day of my work experience at Sky and after 4 days in Sky production services I know it’s a place that I’d definitely like to work in the future.

Day one was the induction and overview of Sky production, day two gave us an insight into studio work and the production galleries, day three was understanding studio work and last but not least, day four we spent time in post production.


There were two of us on work experience this week. We have had the opportunity to shadow over 20 different people, each with a different role. We can now walk away with a deeper understanding of how excellent TV is made plus we can now make an informed decision on which area we’d fit into best. After meeting so many enthusiastic and genuine people, I would really like to work for Sky.

My favourite part of post-production was seeing the editing process and also audio post-production. It was fascinating to see the raw footage be transformed into a gripping piece for television. Got to Dance’s new promo had taken 3 months in preparation and work and the entire piece is 60 seconds. This experience will never let me take artistic television promos for granted ever again!

This week has confirmed that my skill set and enthusiasm most lies in journalism. I love to write, investigate, interview, inform and tell a good story. I would love the challenge of reporting live and one day presenting and delivering the news to a camera. It has been awesome to appreciate the variety of specialisms with the TV creating process and I would recommend work experience or shadowing to anyone. You can’t help but increase the respect you have for individual roles and how they’re all depended upon. I will keep my eyes open for any opportunities in Sky News on the careers pages of their website.

So, what a long week! Day four started with checking my degree results for 2nd year and ended with a long train ride home to visit my parents in Lancashire. I had a lot to think over as I travelled North for 4 hours. I felt delighted with my university results, appreciative of the opportunity to do work experience at such an exciting company but also a little sad that it was over so quickly. I’m sure our upcoming wedding will keep me busy (6 weeks to go!) Next week I will start a placement in the news team at Heart FM.


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