Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. the capital of the United States with incredible museums, the home of the President… and the place where my husband proposed to me in 2013!

IMG_6334I went back again in December for Christmas, to spend time with my in-laws and I also managed to do a bit of work experience at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In the areas I saw, the houses are huge, the roads are wide, and every one drives monster cars.  The centre of the city appears spotless and the streets have been formed like a very organised grid. It has a ‘new’ feel; with far less graffiti, rubbish and hussle-and-bussle than what I’m used to here in South East London!


I have learnt quite a lot about the IMF on my international development degree. Our professors usually focus on teaching us about the structural adjustment programmes, conditionality and neoliberal policies and I feel like they paint the IMF in a bad light. So its always nice to see somewhere and meet people in real life! I was well aware that I had preconceptions, but I attempted to put all that to one side.

Alistair Thomson, a deputy devision chief in communications took me to his office and told me all about what they do in his department. He was a Reuters journalist and African correspondent before starting at the IMF so that was really interesting to hear about.

The work had some similarities to what I did at Sightsavers in the press team. With the media responses to reports, statements and articles in the news and also trying to improve people’s understanding of the work that the organisation does. The obvious difference is that the IMF is on a way larger scale than Sightsavers. They have 3000 staff and work in almost every country on the planet!


But it wasn’t all work…

I saw the White House, the museums, the Washington Memorial, the National Zoo and some great theatre. We ate delicious steak at a restaurant that Obama had been to and also had delicious cheese cake!

Shopping was fun too! January sales!

The weather was cold but no snow or ice and lots of sun. I’d love to go back in the spring to see the cherry blossom trees.

Random Washington D.C. facts

  • D.C stands for District of Columbia.
  • It’s the 23rd most populated city in the USA with 658,893 people.
  • The district has no representation in the U.S Senate.
  • The Washington Post, founded in 1877, is the oldest and most-read local daily newspaper in Washington.
  • D.C’s National Zoo is home to the very famous Bao Bao, a giant female panda cub.



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